An Unexpected Journey

The day started much like any other these days.I woke up and had coffee while Lister played outside. He absolutely loves prairie grass, apparently. I had a late morning meeting, so we got a late start to the day’s driving. We figured out a route from Oklahoma City to Elk City, then proceeded on our

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Tulsa to Oklahoma City

We actually got a fair bit past Tulsa before calling it a day yesterday. Our original plan was an overnight at Chateau Walmart in Sapulpa, just west of Tulsa. It was pretty busy, though, and there was no good place to park out of the way. So we continued on to another Walmart in Bristow,

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Tulsa Time

I woke up early to heavy rain and thunder. Unable to get back to sleep, I made coffee and got to work early. Birgit and Tom chose to depart early, while I worked for a few hours until the rain stopped, then lazily made my way out of town. One might say I was leaving

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Wait, I was just in Missouri. What about Kansas? Yes, we passed through there, too — all 13 miles of Route 66 through that state. That’s how we hopped two big states in a single day — by massively cutting a corner, just like any true racer would. After a morning’s work, we left the

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Springfield to Joplin

Our group of four vans, five people, three cats, and one dog splintered today. Buffy wanted to make better time, and Debbie decided to hop the highway. I decided to stick with Birgit and Tom’s slower pace. We’re not on a schedule, and are free to take in as many sights as we want along

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Laying Low in Springfield

We did the short drive from Conway to Springfield, Missouri on Saturday. Our initial plan had been to visit some sights, move onto Joplin, and spent the night there. Nothing went according to plan, but that’s ok. The Route 66 visitor center and museum is closed on weekends. That makes no sense. The weekends are

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I Got Fudge From Uranus

I’m sure all of us have snickered at the name of the seventh planet from the sun in our youth. I like to think that I’m an intelligent person, but I still find stupid humor to be funny, too. I was in luck today, with a fun place that embraced this sort of silly fun.

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Cuba, Missouri

After yesterday’s long haul, we all agreed to take a relatively short day today. But wow, was it packed anyway. These beauties gathered at the Cracker Barrel where we stayed. It’s easy to imagine a group like this traveling Route 66 like our four vans are today. Yes, I said four. At Cracker Barrel we

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Across the Mississippi

We spent a pleasant night at Love’s in Hamel, Illinois. They explicitly gave us permission to stay overnight. They didn’t even charge me for my coffee this morning, even though I had my wallet out to pay. 10/10, would stay again. Our first stop of the day was the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. I’d

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Lincoln to Livingston

After another quiet night at Chateau Walmart in Lincoln, it was back on the road for us. We weren’t quite done with Lincoln yet, though. On our way out of town we stopped at the world’s biggest covered wagon. As you do, at least when you’re traveling Route 66. There’s not a lot in Elkhart,

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