Double Your Solar, Double Your Fun

As the days have gotten shorter, I’ve left my rigid solar panel hooked up to the van to give it an extra boost of solar power during the limited daylight hours. I knew it would help, but I didn’t know just how much it would. These are screenshots from the two Renogy apps that run

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Finally Recovering

I guess I wasn’t as over being sick as I thought I was or wanted to be. After the flurry of activity in my last post, I had a relapse and felt miserable again. I finally started feeling better again on Friday, which began yet another flurry of activity out of necessity. I fell behind

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More Upgrades

Bits and pieces keep trickling in, and I’ve almost been keeping up with them. I’ve suffered a relapse of my illness from last week, but I’ve still managed to make slow progress on my various projects. The most important one is an SW Motech engine guard for the V-Strom. While I’m not doing any serious

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Thanksgiving Bust

It’s been a few days, and I haven’t been up to much. Unfortunately, that’s been because, for the first time since I started this journey, I’ve been sick. Naturally, it hit me hard on the morning of Thanksgiving, and I had to cancel all of my plans, seal myself in my van, and put up

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Surprise, Surprise

As the saying goes, “Well, that escalated quickly.” I bought another motorcycle last weekend. I’ve been casually browsing the local selection of V-Strom 650s. There haven’t been many, but one at RideNow Powersports in Surprise, Arizona caught my eye. It was a 2011, new enough to have all the features I wanted (fuel injection, anti-lock

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Guide To Establishing Arizona Domicile and Residency

When I established my domicile and residency in Florida, my life was different. I was traveling with a girlfriend, we both had ties in New England, and she’s originally from Florida. Our plan was to travel up and down the east coast and spend winters in Florida, so residency there made great sense. But that

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The Toy Box v2.0

I’ve had a sudden flurry of activity inside the trailer. It all started when my friend Quinton invited me to ride along on a day trip to Lake Havasu for some errands he was running. That is where one of the two closest Home Depots to Quartzsite is, so I went along and bought the

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Reorganizing and Repairs

When I arrived in Quartzsite a month ago, I set up my camp in such a way as to keep myself cool. I could put up my shade cloth between the van and the trailer, and I kept my windows covered, shiny side out, to reflect as much heat out as possible. How quickly things

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Three Days vs. Three Weeks

Not much new to report here, so I’ll share this funny thing. I became an Arizona resident last Thursday. On Monday, I went into my new online account and ordered paper titles for my van and my bike. After Florida screwed them up so badly, I had no faith whatsoever in electronic titles and decided

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Lister’s Walkabout

I woke up to Yellow Wolf knocking on my door. She never does that, so I knew it had to be important. She’d just come back from dumping her trash and had seen a black cat that looked very much like LIster at one of the other camps on the way. I looked around, didn’t

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