Busy Times in Quartzsite

I just realized it’s been a minute (ok, a week) since I posted anything here. Between goings-on in camp and the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous I’ve been busy in the real world and pulled away from doing things online. (Maybe this wasn’t the best time to relaunch my YouTube channel?) Let’s catch up a bit. We’ve

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Video: Tour of Quartzsite, Arizona

We’re back! Have a look at my winter home in Quartzsite. See my camp, then take a motorcycle tour around town. Stay tuned until the end to see how I got the chance to drive Bob Wells’ van. Also, while I’m shamelessly promoting, check out my new logo!

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Rider Down

Disclaimer: IT WASN’T ME!!! I’m fine. Yesterday I took my bike on a beer run into town. As I returned to the La Posa South LTVA entrance, there was a Honda XR650 on its side at the intersection. As a fellow rider, I stopped to help. My accident scene management training kicked in, and I

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Driving Bob Wells’ Van

And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?” Talking Heads If you’ve seen Nomadland or ever done a Google search on van life, you’ve heard of Bob Wells. His CheapRVLiving website and YouTube channel have inspired countless people to give up traditional ways of living and embrace a nomadic life instead. I’m

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Apparently winter in Quartzsite is the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s. It’s warmed up the past couple of days, hitting 60s and even 70s during the day, and barely dipping below 50 at night. This is the weather I came to Arizona for. To celebrate, I took a motorcycle ride yesterday. I plotted

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How To Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside

Winter happens. Some places are milder than others, but even in southern Arizona, you can get the occasional cold shot. With climate change turning the weather so wacky these days, a sudden chill can happen practically anytime, anywhere. How do you deal with that when you’re living in a van? There are many ways. Drive

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Cold Shot

First, an appropriate soundtrack. Everyone on the Quartzsite Facebook groups has been freaking out about temperatures dipping into the 30s overnight this weekend. This morning I woke up to 35º outside and 40º in the van. Certainly, it’s not optimum. It’s not even comfortable. And it’s colder than what we designed the van to be

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Video: New Year’s Eve

My new friend (and RTR co-presenter) Adventuring with Amanda spent New Year’s Eve with us. She was already planning to go to the Lit Cactus, so I invited her to camp with us for the night and have an easier time parking than she would there. She made a video of her visit, including a

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New Year’s Plans

What a year. I already did a sort of year-in-review thing last week. Last night I celebrated the New Year at the Lit Cactus — at least until the unrelenting wind made it too cold to be comfortable. I’ve been making new friends, a couple of whom have joined our camp. I met Amanda, my

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How I Stay Online in Quartzsite, Arizona

Upon my arrival in Quartzsite, my first priority was to figure out my internet situation. I make my living online, so while internet access may not be important to vacationers or retirees, it’s critical for my particular form of nomadic life. Unfortunately, the cellular situation isn’t that great in Quartzsite. My preferred T-Mobile hotspot is

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