Route 242

When I announced that I was staying in Sisters, my friend Glen asked me if I’d ridden Route 242 yet. I’d just arrived, so no, I hadn’t. When I looked at the map, it looked like a toddler had scribbled all over it to create Route 242. Immediately I knew I had to ride it.

A Strategic Relocation

Yesterday I said, “see you down the road” to my friends in Cottage Grove. I’m sure I’ll be back. After filling up with food and fuel at Safeway I took the back way up to Eugene, the same route I took to go kayaking last weekend. This was for a side quest to Home Depot,

We’re Going To Overland Expo PNW

My wrong turns and travel delays have turned into a happy accident, putting me in the Bend, Oregon area at the same time Overland Expo PNW will be happening in nearby Redmond. The timing is working out, so I’m going! I’m doing the vehicle camping package, which means my van, trailer, and motorcycle will be

Starlink: Homemade Antenna Mast

I knew from the beginning that, while the antenna base included with Starlink was good enough for now, it wouldn’t be good enough for a windy Arizona winter. Even on the ground, it might tip over, and if it got blown off the top of the van it could destroy the equipment. I needed a

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That’s a Paddlin’

Summer is officially here, and the weather got hot this weekend. On a whim, I looked for anywhere near Cottage Grove that rented kayaks and found Northwest Canoe Tour. They’re based out of Alton Baker Park in nearby Eugene, and give you a chance to try canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding on a shallow, quiet

Starlink: The First Three Days

I’ve had some time to use Starlink, put it through its paces, and get to know it a bit better. Overall, I’m very impressed. Performance has actually been faster and more reliable than my friends’ WiFi that I wanted to have as a backup. The Good It’s been working perfectly for my work. All of

Video: Starlink Unboxing, Setup, and Testing

Here’s the video I shot while setting up Starlink for the first time. If you’d rather see it than read it, this is for you. This contains pretty much the same information as my last post, but some people prefer to watch videos than to read a blog. It does give you a better idea

Starlink: Setup, Speed Test, Power Draw

Yup, I’ve gone and done it. My troubles finding usable internet last week were the final straw. The primary reason for my return to my friends’ place in Cottage Grove, Oregon was to receive my Starlink shipment. It arrived today. I’ll be doing a full unboxing and setup video, but for those of you who

A Walk In the Park

It was a quiet night at Chateau Walmart. I knew it would be — I’d stayed at this one in Chehalis, Washington the night after Mt. St. Helens. It’s been a couple of weeks since then, so a repeat visit wouldn’t be overstaying my welcome. A Walmart parking lot isn’t a great place for Lister


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