How-To’s and Guides

How We Did It

There are many ways to live this life. Here’s what I’ve chosen to do.

How I Take a Shower In the Desert
Staying clean in a dusty place like Quartzsite, Arizona can be tricky. Here’s how I keep myself from turning into the live-action version of Peanuts’ Pig-Pen while I’m out there.

How I Carry a Motorcycle Behind the Van
One of the most common questions we get is how I bring my motorcycle with me on my travels. Here’s how I do it.

How I Stay Online From the Road
One of the few positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that now, more than ever, companies are allowing people to work remotely when the nature of the job permits it. As a professional writer, I fit this description. Here’s what I’ve learned about keeping myself connected.

How I Stay Online in Quartzsite, Arizona
Cellular service in Quartzsite is marginal at best and can degrade to unusable when the masses descend on the town for winter. There’s a local alternative that keeps me connected and able to work when the cell networks bog down.

Wired For Sound, And Everything Else
Aside from the van itself, the most important aspect of this van build is its electrical system. Here’s how I designed and installed the one in Smokey Da Van.


Here’s how you can do what I’ve done.

How To Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside
Even snowbirds who run away from real winters (like me) have to deal with the occasional cold nights. Here are some tips to help you stay warm when the weather outside is frightful.

How To Install a Sink For Less Than $75
RV sinks can be expensive to buy and a pain to install. Here’s how I added a sink to my van for just under $75.

How To Convert To a Motorhome Title in Florida
Florida makes it possible to change a vehicle’s classification to a motorhome through an extremely simple process. We followed it, and it worked perfectly

How To Install Solar Panels On a Fiberglass Roof
Here’s how I installed a pair of flexible solar panels on the roof of our van.


Here’s what I’ve learned.

Guide to Finding Overnight Parking
This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the van life world. Here’s how I do it every night and stay out of trouble.

Weight and Why It Matters To You
We don’t talk much about how much our van builds weigh, but we should. It’s quite easy to reach, or exceed, your van’s weight limits without realizing it. I almost did.

Guide To Establishing Florida Domicile and Residency
A perennial hot topic in the nomad community is how to establish residency when you have no permanent address. Here’s how we successfully navigated this obstacle course of red tape and logistical difficulties.

The Truth About Cellular Signal Boosters
Some would have you believe that a signal booster is a magic bullet that will vastly improve your internet connection on the road. That’s not entirely true. Here’s what they really do, what they don’t, and my evidence to back up my claims.

The No-Build Van Build
This isn’t our first #vanlife rodeo. Before hitting the road full-time in Smokey Da Van, I dabbled with part-time van life in another van. Here’s my super simple build.