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Double Your Solar, Double Your Fun

As the days have gotten shorter, I’ve left my rigid solar panel hooked up to the van to give it an extra boost of solar power during the limited daylight hours. I knew it would help, but I didn’t know just how much it would. These are screenshots from the two Renogy apps that run

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Finally Recovering

I guess I wasn’t as over being sick as I thought I was or wanted to be. After the flurry of activity in my last post, I had a relapse and felt miserable again. I finally started feeling better again on Friday, which began yet another flurry of activity out of necessity. I fell behind

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More Upgrades

Bits and pieces keep trickling in, and I’ve almost been keeping up with them. I’ve suffered a relapse of my illness from last week, but I’ve still managed to make slow progress on my various projects. The most important one is an SW Motech engine guard for the V-Strom. While I’m not doing any serious

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