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Video: Starlink Antenna Mast and Dishy Placement Tips

Some people prefer watching videos to reading a wall of text. For them, I made a video about how I built my mast for Starlink. I also included some tips about how and where to set up Dishy McFlatface (seriously, that’s Starlink’s official name for it) in a location with the maximum chance of success

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Route 242

When I announced that I was staying in Sisters, my friend Glen asked me if I’d ridden Route 242 yet. I’d just arrived, so no, I hadn’t. When I looked at the map, it looked like a toddler had scribbled all over it to create Route 242. Immediately I knew I had to ride it.

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A Strategic Relocation

Yesterday I said, “see you down the road” to my friends in Cottage Grove. I’m sure I’ll be back. After filling up with food and fuel at Safeway I took the back way up to Eugene, the same route I took to go kayaking last weekend. This was for a side quest to Home Depot,

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