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Latest from the Blog

Meet Smokey II

For van dwellers, new van day is basically new car day plus new house day. That’s exactly what today is for me. I got a new van!!! This is what my family and I have been working on behind the scenes for the past few weeks that I haven’t been saying much about. I could’ve…

The Badgers and the Central Florida Rejects

Yesterday was another motorcycle day. I’ve known and worked with The Badgers and Support Bikers for several years. I helped less than I’d planned to with their World Record Poker Run in 2021, mainly due to the fire and beginning my life on the road, but I still chipped in and wrote stuff for them…

Two Year Fireversary

Exactly two years ago today, I woke up to a smoke alarm, an apartment full of smoke, and flames at my back door. If that smoke alarm hadn’t gone off — the others in the building didn’t — I might not be here today. But everyone, including Lister and my girlfriend at the time, got…

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