Parked in Allyson's driveway

Deja Vu, All Over Again

And so we’re right back where we started. Most of us, anyway.

I’m back at Allyson’s place. This is the first time I’ve returned to somewhere I’ve stayed before on this journey. As before, there are multiple purposes. The primary one is to see Allyson because she’s a friend and she’s awesome. The secondary purpose is that I’m within striking distance of my storage unit, where I can go deposit the rest of Trisha’s stuff that’s on board. It would be much easier to do that if it would ever stop raining. I know I used this in my last post, but it’s very much worth repeating.

Aside from Trisha not being a part of it, this visit is very much like the last one. It’s raining. It’s about 20 degrees colder than it should be at this time of year. Granted, 60s in July are MUCH more tolerable than 40s in April, but still. And, on top of all that, I’m dealing with the aftermath of a recent disaster — in this case, Trisha’s departure.

I’m also beginning to experience the phenomenon that Vancity Vanlife does every time he returns to his former home in Vancouver. When he’s back, everybody wants to see him, and things get busy busy busy for him. This is my first time back in my former home territory since my journey began, and everybody wants to see me. It’s nice to feel wanted. The company will do me good right now. It’s just proving difficult to fit everyone in who wants to see me, especially among the things I have to do, like work and visiting the storage unit. (Speaking of Chrome, he had some very encouraging words for me regarding the split. Basically, spend some time alone, be myself, and great things will happen.)

Because I got a raise at work, I justified splurging for the final piece of my assimilation to the Apple collective: an iPad. Trisha showed me how useful they can be, and indeed I spent part of last night watching videos on the “TV” above the bed, just like she and I used to. I’ve been spending so much time on other people’s WiFi networks this month that I have a ton of data left on my T-Mobile hotspot. I didn’t feel bad about using a few gigs of data for frivolous entertainment. As my grandfather used to say when taking the rolls and butter with him after going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, “Hell, we paid for it…”

I’ll also be figuring out how to set it up as a second monitor for my Macbook Pro. As a writer, I find it extremely useful to have what I’m writing on one screen, and my reference materials on a second screen for easy immediate reference. I still need to figure out where to put the iPad when I’m sitting backward in the passenger seat, but once I do, I’ll have that capability once again. Maybe I shouldn’t have returned that tablet holder after all. Though I’m also considering something involving a RAM mount on the doghouse. It could hold my iPad when I’m stationary, and my phone when I’m driving. That way I can start and stop music or skip tracks from my phone’s lock screen while the map continues to display on the dashboard through CarPlay.

I don’t expect this to be a fun week so much as a “get stuff done” week. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing people. It’s just going to take an emotional toll on me to empty the rest of Trisha’s stuff out of the van and leave it behind. I guess I’ll have to see what items of mine I left in storage that I’ll now have room to bring with me to fill the space — physically, at least.

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