The Calm Before the Storm

It was a short drive from Jen and Morris’s place to the town of Meredith, New Hampshire, on the north end of Lake Winnipesaukee. Here I’m doing something I never really expected to do: parking in my parents’ backyard. It’s actually one of the nicest places I’ve ever parked. The WiFi is excellent, and I’ve been getting a good amount of work done. We missed out on a yummy barbecue dinner because the place just started closing Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but had a yummy meal from the 104 Diner down the road. My motorcycle even got to sit out last night’s rain in the garage, next to my dad’s tractor and Can-Am Spyder. The driver’s side of the van is next to the garage for easy access to a power outlet to top off my batteries, and the side doors open into a vast expanse of nicely manicured grass for Lister to explore. He’s loved watching birds, chasing chipmunks, and eating the grass. We just have to timeshare the yard between Lister and my parents’ dogs.

I’m enjoying the chance to relax a bit and regroup before the New England Forest Rally. It’ll be busy and hectic once I get there. Friday’s video will go live while I’m sitting through countless rally worker meetings that should’ve been an email. I keep reminding myself that I should figure out where I’m going after the rally, because before I know it, it’ll be time to go.

Until then, though, a little peace and quiet is good. I’ll probably go explore some dirt roads down the street from my parents on the bike this afternoon. Speaking of such things, I finally figured out a way to get my bike tires swapped in my travels. Once again, the New England Riders come through, and I’m all set for a tire swap after Climb to the Clouds. I’d hoped to swap them during my upcoming two weeks in Maine, but this works, too, as the guy’s in Exeter, NH just over two hours away from Mount Washington. I’ll get the tires swapped, then a little maintenance on the van, and then I’ll be ready to go west. There’s lots to do between now and then, though.

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