Good Morning, Captain

Bloomington, Indiana was a strategic overnight stop a little more than halfway between Dayton, Ohio and Danville, Illinois. By avoiding highways, Google sent me directly between Cincinnati and Indianapolis, allowing me to avoid any city traffic. There was another reason I went here, though. Bloomington is the future birthplace of Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager. Of course I’m a Star Trek nerd, and when I saw that there was a statue of Janeway in the middle of town, I had to pay her a visit — and bring her some coffee, of course.

Much to my surprise, not long after I posted pictures of my visit to Facebook, the statue’s official page shared them! I should’ve posted them from the Smokey Da Van page to get more exposure…

Star Trek: Voyager was not one of the more popular series. It’s not my favorite, but I do appreciate the measures they took to put a starship way out into the unknown, rather than “Boldly going around the Federation on our cruise ship” like Star Trek: The Next Generation, or “Boldly going absolutely nowhere on a space station” like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I can relate to Janeway suddenly finding herself in a desperate situation, and having to make some difficult decisions to get herself and her crew to relative safety. I’ve had to do that a bit myself on my own journey. Some would consider moving into a van full-time to be just about as crazy as cooperating with the Borg against a mutual threat. But here we are.

I just hope I don’t encounter myself from 25 years in the future traveling back to now to completely change my timeline.

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