Introducing: Da Smokey Store

Now that I have an awesome logo, it’s only natural to slap it all over everything I possibly can. I’ve put up a Teespring store to do exactly that, make Smokey merch available to you, and yes, hopefully make a few bucks on the side. We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, drinkware, and yes, Smokey Da Van stickers. Sorry, due to product limitations with Teespring, Smokey Da Flamethrower is not available at this time, or probably ever.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start bombarding you with ads to buy my stuff. That’s not why I’m here. If you feel like helping to support what I do (which is never required — I’m going to keep doing this whether I make a cent off it or not), I’d rather give you something for your money instead of taking a handout. So I’m just putting it out there in case you want to sport some Smokey stuff.

Disclaimer: “Smokey stuff” does not actually contain a smokey odor. The facility in which it is produced has not actually caught on fire, unlike my old apartment that kickstarted this journey. If you prefer your Smokey stuff to actually smell like smoke, I recommend wearing it around a campfire with some good friends, because van life. That is a much more pleasant smoke odor than what I had to deal with.

I hope to add some more designs in the future, but for now, I’m just starting with my logo. I’ll announce new additions, but I promise not to spam you constantly trying to sell you things — only occasionally.

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