A Lump in Pahrump

Although the sunsets here aren’t quite as spectacular as the ones in Arizona, they’re definitely not bad at all. The night sky is somewhat spoiled by the lights of nearby Pahrump, but again, not bad. Plus the convenience of being just a mile outside of town is nice, particularly as I finish getting the Toy Box set up and ready to go.

This morning I got to meet Duane, a reader of this blog (Hi, Duane!) He’d commented on one of my posts from Lake Mead that he was in the area and asked if I’d like to meet up. I ended up buying the trailer instead. But he was out in Pahrump today and spotted my setup from the road, so he stopped to say hi. He also has a Ford van and a KLR650 motorcycle, so we had plenty to talk about. That was fun, and I look forward to hanging out again the next time we’re in the same area.

The trailer build hasn’t been a mad dash build the way the van was. There really isn’t that much left to do at the moment, now that the wheel chock and shelves are in. I picked up some small storage bins to fill in the gaps left by the ones I already had. I also got some bungee cords to hopefully keep them contained on the shelves while in transit.

Over the winter, I helped a guy in Quartzsite figure out his WiFi security camera system. In return, he gave me one of his cameras that he ended up not needing. I’ve had no use for it — until now. I set it up inside the trailer, which will let me keep an eye on the contents inside while I’m on the road. If I hit a particularly rough stretch, I can pull up the live feed to make sure nothing fell over, then find a place to pull over if things did. It has night vision, which means I don’t need to have any lights on inside. It’s definitely not something I would’ve gone out and bought myself, but since I already have it, I put it to use.

I also dropped a whopping 99¢ to protect the wood floor from my kickstand. It’s a cover plate for an electrical box. I carry one with me to put under the kickstand on soft surfaces, or even on the pavement on a hot day. Here, since the wheel chock ensures that the bike always parks in the same place inside the trailer, I screwed one into the floor where the kickstand sits. I’ll have the bike tied down and off the kickstand while in transit, but while camping out alone I’ve been locking it up inside the trailer at night, and the kickstand has already put a mark on the floor. I’m not worried about a mark, but over time I don’t want the kickstand to damage the floor, so this small piece of plate armor should fix that.

Since my awning bit the dust, I’ve been investigating other options for shade. I found this older Bob Wells video. For one thing, I had no idea that he previously owned an Interstate LoadMaster 6×10 cargo trailer. It’s exactly the same trailer as mine, except I got the ramp door instead of the barn doors because of my motorcycle. Anyway, I like his setup so much that I basically copied it. I picked up a 12 x 12 shade cloth. It blocks the sun but lets wind through, so I shouldn’t have the spontaneous flight issues that I did with my awning. Even if it does, there’s no frame to break. I intend to basically hang it between the van and the trailer just like Bob did here. Since I don’t have roof racks, I picked up some strong clamps to clip onto my rain gutters. Bungee cords will do the rest. This should make for a nice shady area between the van and the trailer. Worst case, a strong wind pulls the clips off the van or trailer, and I just clip them back on again.

Speaking of wind, it’s back with a vengeance today. The van is rocking and rolling again. So after errands, I’m hanging out inside, out of the wind. Even Lister has had enough. When I posted this picture on Instagram, van.man.cat said it looks like a rap album cover, so I’ve decided that’s exactly what this is. Our new band is Lister and the Smokeytones. Now, all we need is some actual music. Don’t hold your breath…

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