Van Life Tours: It’s a Me!

Back in February, I met with Paul, Vancity Vanlife’s dude touring the US and shooting van tours along the way. The video just went up this morning!

Obviously, things have changed a bit since then. I got a trailer, and no longer carry the bike on the back. I canceled my Canada trip. But it’s accurate for the time we shot it. Paul did a great job shooting it, and I love how Chrome edited it together in his own unique style. It’s the third video on Chrome’s new channel specifically for tours like these, Van Life Tours. It’s kind of nifty that after he helped me get my start in this life, I’m indirectly helping him get his new channel started with a video about the result.

My van and I (and Lister, of course), have now been featured by the two people who have inspired me the most on this journey, Chrome and Bob Wells. It’s funny how the world can be both too big for me to afford to cross the US right now, and small enough that I’ve crossed paths with both of my inspirations and virtual mentors. I’m not in the same league as them by a long shot, nor are we close personal friends or anything. But we know each other. We’re all just out here, living this way, and doing our thing. Aside from their much larger audiences than I have, we’re equals, and that’s pretty cool.


  1. Congrats on the video! We’re low bandwidth at the moment, but I’ve marked it to watch later! Don’t forget your interview, currently running on, too!

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  2. Looks like you’re having fun Justin. Karen and I are starting to travel, we did a 3 week 4500 mile trip in my 2021 C8 in March and April of 22. Packing for two in a mid engine Corvette makes your E350 look immense. Hoping that the next trip will be towing the 1973 Airstream International land Yacht 27 with the blue 2004 Silverado that you’re familiar with. I’m just finishing up the solar setup in it.


    1. Good to hear from you! That’s great! The C8 is a nice step up from the go-karts. Maybe I’ll see you out here sometime!


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