Video: Starlink Unboxing, Setup, and Testing

Here’s the video I shot while setting up Starlink for the first time. If you’d rather see it than read it, this is for you.

This contains pretty much the same information as my last post, but some people prefer to watch videos than to read a blog. It does give you a better idea of what’s in the box and how it’s packed than my photos do. You can also watch the actual fluctuations in data speeds and power consumption rather than just take my word for it.

YouTube also reaches a wider audience than some random blog out there on the internet. So I’m hoping that making videos about my Starlink experience will bring in more viewers and subscribers. It’s a hot topic right now because it’s so new, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there about it. I’m not an Elon hater or fanboi, so I’m just reporting my experience.

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