Still Here

I hadn’t realized that almost a week has passed since my last post until glancing across the website this morning and noticing the date. I’m still alive and well. We’re still at the same place we were before, and still staying our full 14-day limit until Thursday. Then we’ll move to an undisclosed location (by request of the person who invited us) until Overland Expo.

We haven’t done a whole lot besides work and relax, and that’s okay. I made a few improvements to the trailer, called it the Toy Box v1.5, and made a video about it.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time just sitting and admiring the scenery. It never disappoints, no matter what the weather is. We’ve been having thunderstorms almost every afternoon for the past week. This doesn’t work well when the highest point in the area is a 10-foot galvanized steel pipe with my Starlink antenna on top, so I’ve had to take it down almost every day lately. For now, Dishy is just sitting on my roof instead, but I have ideas to make that work better. More on that in another post after I’ve done it.

We haven’t just stayed in camp, though. Honey Badger and I went to Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa, with 20+ hot spring pools to soak in. We didn’t soak in anything too hot, but we tried several nice toasty pools. Most of them have sulfur in the water (hence the name of the place, and the town), but a few have magnesium instead. I found I couldn’t soak in those because the smell seriously disturbed me. This is especially strange because I have practically no sense of smell. So we mostly stuck to the sulfur springs. Afterward, we met Jenn and Christina at the Dean Public House for dinner. The food was tasty, the meat local (except the elk for legal reasons), and the company excellent.

Yesterday Honey Badger needed water, and I needed a few groceries, so we took a road trip to Granby. The first place we stopped for an early dinner had a significantly reduced menu with nothing she could eat, so we punted to the Indian Peaks Marina. It was amazing. I had the best quesadilla I’ve had in a long time. I’d asked for hamburger inside, and it came with slices of bacon as well. Everything’s better with bacon. Plus, we got to see a rainbow across the lake. We’ve seen a lot of rainbows lately with all the thunderstorm activity, but this one was particularly sweet. The whole experience made boring grocery shopping afterward a bit more palatable.

Honey Badger’s cat, Nala, drove us back to camp. Here I’m training her on the proper Massachusetts driving technique, with both paws firmly on the horn.

The weather patterns have changed. The 10-day forecast has a high temperature of 78, with lows in the 40s. It seems that summer has just ended at 7,800 feet elevation. It might be just as well that we’ll be slowly moving to lower places soon. We’re in no rush, and will just follow the pleasant temperatures as they meander south. Honey Badger seems to have a good travel plan for us based on her extensive experience traveling in this area. Her previous plan worked great for getting me here from Oregon, and I’m looking forward to actually traveling with her this time.

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