2023 Lister Calendar!

Lister is one of the most friendly and photogenic cats I’ve ever known. I’ve collected hundreds of pictures of him during my travels. Now I’ve chosen a few of them to include in a 12-month calendar!

This year-long celebration of Lister’s cuteness comes in various sizes, including 8.5×11 and 11×14 wall calendars, each with various bindings available. Super Lister fans can get a jumbo 12×16 version. For the digital nomad (like me), a digital version in a PDF file is also available. The background features a rusty metal motif that resembles the exterior of the van which brings us to all of these places.

This is the ultimate cat van life calendar. Okay, so it’s also the only cat van life calendar I’ve ever seen, but then by definition, it must be the ultimate one, right? It makes a great Christmas gift for your pet-lover mom who always has to have a cat calendar every year. Sorry to spoil the surprise, Mom.

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