Lister’s Walkabout

I woke up to Yellow Wolf knocking on my door. She never does that, so I knew it had to be important. She’d just come back from dumping her trash and had seen a black cat that looked very much like LIster at one of the other camps on the way. I looked around, didn’t see him, then discovered that I’d foolishly left one of my windows open enough that he could get out. I got dressed while Yellow Wolf went back to him.

I don’t know when he actually got out. He was snuggled up next to me when I woke up a little bit around sunrise, then went back to sleep. I didn’t see where Yellow Wolf went at first, but she saw me and waved. I went over, and sure enough, it was him. Lister was visiting a camp close to the main road through La Posa South, but wasn’t quite at the road. He’d probably gotten lost and couldn’t find his way back to the van. He looked for humans who could help him.

There was no punishment. He didn’t bust out of his harness. I’m the doofus who didn’t close the window enough. I just carried him back to the van, put his harness on, clipped on the tether, and let him roam, just like any other morning. He barely stepped outside, more interested in sleeping after his big adventure. I don’t blame him. I’m kicking myself for not shutting the window. Coyotes could’ve gotten him because of my neglect. But they didn’t, so I’ll hopefully learn my lesson for the future.

Then yet another Arizona wind storm started, so we’re both hiding out inside the van today. Though I did greet a new neighbor who pulled up next to me. When I saw him roll a classic BMW airhead with a sidecar out of his trailer, I had to say hello. He was in the process of setting up his camp so I didn’t chat much, but I’d love to get a closer look at that bike sometime soon. I think I’ll skip my trip into town today. I don’t want to get blown off the road on the way.

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