Finally Recovering

I guess I wasn’t as over being sick as I thought I was or wanted to be. After the flurry of activity in my last post, I had a relapse and felt miserable again.

I finally started feeling better again on Friday, which began yet another flurry of activity out of necessity. I fell behind on basically everything I need to do to keep this show on the road. I completely ran out of water, which has never happened before. I also ran out of propane, fortunately on one of the warmer nights we’ve had lately where I didn’t actually need the heat. I ran out of clean laundry. Just about the only thing I didn’t run out of was food, since I wasn’t eating very much while I was sick.

I had to pace myself carefully to catch up on these as quickly as possible, but without causing myself yet another relapse into being sick. After work on Friday, I took care of only the absolute essentials: water, propane, and any other small tasks I could accomplish on the same trip. I get water right here in the LTVA, so it made sense to dump trash and my toilet while I was at it. I had to go to town for the propane refill, but I didn’t have enough time or energy to tackle laundry at the same time.

That was the focus of Saturday’s journey, with a real shower at the same time because a real shower always feels amazing after you’ve been sick. I stocked up on cat food (just because I wasn’t eating for a while didn’t mean Lister stopped) and other odds and ends I found at the local Family Dollar, which I discovered carries Lister’s preferred wet cat food and saves me a trip to Parker. Somewhere in here, I stocked up on drinks as well, since they tend to be big, bulky, and don’t fit on either motorcycle very well.

Yet another thing I haven’t gotten done is selling the KLR. I posted it on Facebook Marketplace but have gotten no bites. I know it’s bad when I’ve only attracted one obvious fake account instead of several. I can’t post it on Craigslist. I’m fine with paying the $5 fee, but it won’t accept my completely legitimate billing address because it’s more than 30 characters, so I can’t pay for it. I posted it on Cycle Trader, so we’ll see what comes of that.

When I had the V-Strom strapped into the trailer while installing the engine guard (I had to remove the kickstand to install one of the brackets and had to hold the bike up somehow), I saw that there is no way to fit both bikes inside the trailer at this point. I’d have to remove the second set of shelves I just installed, as well as all their contents, which defeats the purpose of hauling both bikes to make myself mobile again. So I’m basically stuck in Quartzsite until the KLR sells. It’s not a bad place to be stuck. I’m allowed to park here until April 15, 2023, so that’s not an issue. But I’d like to visit some other places in the area, as well as my LA friends and ride the canyons on the V-Strom.

Today, I’m choosing to do very little. I think I’m finally over being sick, but my strength still isn’t 100%, and rest will help me get back there. I’ve just about caught up on most things I absolutely need to, and I don’t have very many projects remaining on my to-do list, either. Even the ones that are still waiting for parts are fast and easy once they arrive. I’ve actually been quite busy ever since arriving in Quartzsite, so I’m going to enjoy slowing down a bit for a while.

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