Video: How I Became a Full Time YouTuber

I have a new full time job: YouTube! Sure, it’s only because my previous job laid me off, but since writing, editing, and YouTube are all I have left, that makes me a full time content creator, right?

If you’ve been following along here all this time, there’s little in this video that you don’t already know. While I’ve slacked off on YouTube I’ve been keeping up on the blog this whole time. But I’ve had some reminders lately, both from the van life and motorcycle communities, that people actually like my videos, they miss them, and they want me to start making them again. It’s just as well that’s been my plan ever since I lost my day job.

I’ll ask you the same thing I ask in this video. What topics would you like to see videos (or blog posts) about? Ask me anything. I have some ideas that I’ll be working on, but I’m always open to suggestions.

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