Errand Day in Yuma

The wind finally calmed down, so it was finally time to get outside and enjoy this place where we’d been all week. Or, not. Patti’s two-week permit runs out tomorrow, so I’ll be hooking up the trailer and moving to a new site for at least the weekend. It’s much easier to run errands without the trailer attached, and it’s been too windy to drive a tall vehicle safely until today, so today became errand day by default.

I didn’t have that much to get done. At the top of that list was an oil change. I had a good experience at Jiffy Lube in Yuma last spring. Since I’m staying on BLM land I’m not allowed to change or dispose of oil myself, even though I’m perfectly capable of it (I did my last oil change myself in Oregon). My wait to get in was short, but Lister still wasn’t amused.

Quick lube places are hit or miss, and I’ve had bad experiences at some. But I was quite impressed with this particular Jiffy Lube last spring, and they did a great job again today. I had them change my air filter as well, which was legitimately dirty and reasonably priced. It happens when you live in the desert. Normally they give you a coupon for a free car wash next door, but the manager saw my van was too tall, so he discounted the price of a car wash off my oil change without my even asking for it. Service like this is why I get my oil changed here during the winter.

I’d stocked up on groceries on my way to Imperial Dam, but since I was in town anyway I replaced what I’d used up since then. This way, I can drive straight to Quartzsite when I leave the area, without an extra side trip back to Yuma. I got gas, as well as ice for Patti to save her a trip into town just for that. Then I went back to camp.

It was great to finally sit outside and relax, something I hadn’t been able to do since arriving here almost a week ago. It would also be my only day to enjoy this particular location. We’re off to nearby Mittry Lake tomorrow. It’s a free 14-day camping area, where Patti plans to stay until she gets paid again. My packages are arriving in Quartzsite earlier than I expected, so I’ll be heading back to my camp there early next week. The RV show ends Sunday, and I expect the massive crowds to start leaving soon afterward. It’ll still be busy for a little while, but from now on it’ll only get better, not worse.

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