San Antonio Whirlwind Tour

The timing of my stay with Andrea and Jim revolved around a barbecue they had this past Saturday. How can I say no to a genuine Texas barbecue? This is the only picture I got of the massive spread they prepared. I was too busy eating and enjoying it to stop and take pictures. Maybe this is why my Instagram following isn’t bigger.

Lister got to sample the local cuisine, as well.

On Sunday I met up with Albert and Eleanor — my ex-in-laws, of all people. We’ve all remained on good terms over the years. They began doing the snowbird thing years ago, and I’ve had an open invitation to visit anytime I am where they happen to be. Finally, I was able to take them up on this. They took me to a Mexican restaurant across town, giving me the nickel tour of San Antonio on the way. This is the closest I got to the Alamo, which, by all accounts, is pretty much a tourist trap these days rather than a historical place. We also passed by Mission San Juan, one of several missions in the area that converted the Natives and used their free labor.

I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant we went to so I could recommend it here. You can’t throw a rock in San Antonio without hitting a Mexican restaurant, but this one was particularly good. It’s always a good sign when we were the only white people in there.

Then I hopped back in the van, drove across town, and met up with Birgit, Tom, and Amy. We’d had a miscommunication where they thought I was meeting them in the morning, but I thought we were meeting after my busy Sunday. It was no problem. They lounged around while I did my thing, and we holed up at a local Chateau Walmart for the night. I know I haven’t been away from Quartzsite for long, but it feels great to be among my people again. Tomorrow, the next part of the adventure begins.

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