And the Adventure Continues…

Tomorrow marks exactly two months since I limped the old van into my family’s driveway in Lakeland, Florida. It’ll also be the day I get back on the road. I didn’t plan it like that. It just worked out that way. But it works. I can’t thank my family enough for all the help over the past two months — not just acquiring the new van, but also with making it happen, an extra set of hands or ideas here and there, and for putting up with me parking here for two months instead of the two weeks I’d originally planned!

I have a short day planned tomorrow, just 78 miles to Mount Dora. I have a friend there who has a half-converted bus that she’s looking to sell, but has no idea how to write a “for sale” ad for it. I’ve bought and sold more vehicles than I’d like to admit, plus I’m a writer, so I’m going to help. It’ll be a good shakedown cruise for the fully loaded rig, motorcycle and all for the first time.

The tentative plan from there is to retrace my steps a little bit, then take an inland route north that will avoid the coast, I-95, traffic, and crowds. There will be a few repeat stops along the way from my trip north two years ago, but this time I’m doing it my way, and in an entirely different rig.

The next major goal is New Hampshire, where I will clear out and get rid of my old storage unit. But it won’t be a direct route. I have three months until the Rocky Mtn Roll, and I intend to take my time and enjoy the ride, all while working out any quirks or features that come up with my new home on wheels. I’m sure the van will be fine, mechanically. I’m just talking about my interior setup, and seeing how well it holds up to some actual miles instead of just running around town.

The Great Journey of Life continues.

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