What’s In the Van?

This is an incomplete list of what I used in Smokey I, my first van. I need to update this page, then add a new section for what I’m currently using in Smokey II, where I live now.

Full disclosure: Most of these are Amazon affiliate links, so I’ll make a small commission off what you buy, whether it’s these exact items or something else. This is what I use, but buy whatever works best for you.


Propane and Propane Accessories






Motorcycle Stuff

Amateur Radio



Useful Memberships

  • Escapees RV Club — Mail forwarding and domicile, discounts at numerous RV parks. Tell them we sent you!
  • Harvest Hosts — Stay at wineries, breweries, farms, and other interesting points of interest.
  • Boondockers Welcome — Free stays with fellow travelers.
  • Mobile Internet Resource Center — There is a vast wealth of information here about getting and staying online, useful for digital nomads. I became a member to support their efforts, as well as to gain full access to this treasure trove of info.