Video: Geyser Portable Shower

There’s one more thing I found at Overland Expo that I haven’t posted about yet. I’ve been saving this one for a video review. I liked it so much, I bought the company… I mean, I bought one of my own.

It’s basically a power sponge bath, but it works extremely well. You really can shower with less than a gallon of water, as advertised. Like I said, I was so impressed with it when I tried one out that I bought my own. Now I can take more showers for less money, and use less water in the process.

Speaking of advertising, here’s where you can get your own. It’s an affiliate link, so yes, I’ll get a small kickback. I don’t do this kind of promotion often, but when I do it’s with a product I believe in. I bought this with my own money, then became an affiliate afterward.

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