Not According To Plan

I slept well and woke up to rain. This was not in the forecast at all last night, but here it was. Lister was not impressed at not getting his morning outside time.

This certainly changed things. Some people don’t mind riding a motorcycle in the rain, but I try to avoid it. As people woke up across the campground and discovered the rain, what little internet I had disappeared as everybody else tried to use it, which severely limited what writing I could accomplish. It’s amazing how much you take such a thing for granted until you don’t have it, and didn’t plan on not having it. I’ve written these last couple of posts in Apple’s Notes app, to copy and paste into WordPress for quick posting once I have internet access again, which comes and goes depending on how many people are outside doing things or inside, hiding from the rain, and trying to do things on the internet. In the end, I found that the WordPress app on my iPad will work when my laptop and browser do not.

In between raindrops, I managed to get out for a short bike ride. There are many ATV trails around this property. I’m told the trails are too technical for a bike, but I still managed to ride around the main “roads” around the campground, which more closely resemble the unmaintained class 6 roads of New Hampshire than what you’d normally see in a campground. In other words, they’re too rough for a Harley (except the Pan America), but my KLR tackled them with no issues at all, especially on its new tires. What would’ve been the bike sliding completely out from under me in one mud puddle was just a little shimmy that I could easily control. Grip is good.

Then I explored some local back roads until I found myself back on the main drag to get here. That was the only pavement I saw during my entire ride. It was fun if a little damp. The shower after the ride felt great.

We’ve been slowly introducing Lister and Geeg, Buffy’s cat. Lister has always been good about meeting other cats. So has Geeg, until recently when he picked up the bad behaviors normally associated with introducing cats to each other. They’re slowly getting to know each other, though. Lister has invited himself into Buffy’s van, and the two cats have actually been hanging out, or at least tolerating each other. Those two getting along would be good if I join this Route 66 adventure.

Right now I’m inclined to, as long as the timing works out. For my first big adventure, it would be nice to have others around so we can help each other out if we need it. Plus, I’ve found that my biggest issue being on the road without Trisha is plain old loneliness. But I have other things and people to see and do along the way, so I’m not entirely sure my schedule will match with theirs. I’m not worried about it. Things will work out, or they won’t, and I’ll get there somehow. The west coast is happening, one way or 13 others.

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