Second Verse, Same as the First

This really is the middle of nowhere. The sign says it, so it must be true, right? The campground isn’t the only place with people living how they want to live. In today’s motorcycle journey I saw plenty of trailers and campers parked on plots of land with nothing we would consider a house. Quite a few of them were past the end of the power lines on one particular road. Where I come from that wouldn’t be allowed. Here, whatever. It’s good to know that places like this still exist that don’t regulate you into conforming with what society considers to be a “normal” way of life. I didn’t expect to see that in New York, but that’s probably the Massachusetts native in me talking. This state is much more than just New York City, and this is proof right here.

There were a few seasonal roads that I explored as well. Nothing too gnarly, but I certainly slowed down from my easy 40 mph pace on the other roads. One of them took me straight to the top of a hill with an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. I stopped for pictures, of course, but I also spent a little while just taking it all in. I enjoyed all those scenic views on the way out here, but this time I really felt like I was a part of the scenery. That’s the difference between riding a motorcycle and driving a car, or a van.

I got back to camp and hung out with Buffy for a while. When she decided to do other things, I strung up my hammock between a tree and the van’s back bumper. I keep forgetting I have this thing, and I want to put it to better use. I did today, taking a quick snooze in the sun and the warm, dry air.

Buffy and I bashed together some dinner from what each of us had kicking around. That’s another nice perk of traveling with someone, it seems. By combining our food, our cookware, and my butane stove, we made a better dinner than either of us would have alone. It was nothing special, just pasta and sauce, but it really hit the spot. We’ve firmly established that Buffy and I camp well together.

My time here is just about at an end, though. I’ve already loaded up the bike, and I’m getting ready to leave as soon as I have coffee tomorrow morning. The lack of decent internet here has been inconvenient, but it’ll become an actual problem tomorrow when I have to go back to work. I found a library about 15 minutes away to park at for the morning, then start making my way south to Carlisle. I have a general route planned over the next few days, including a Walmart to resupply as well as spend the night. This stay has been good, but after three days I’m ready to move on. That seems to be a trend, actually.

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