IMS Outdoors

After an enjoyable night at the Appalachian Brewing Company (again), I grabbed gas and coffee at Sheetz (when in Pennsylvania, do as the Pennsylvanians do) and had a very short drive to the Carlisle Fairgrounds, where I’ll be spending the weekend. I came very close to running over two poodles chasing a rabbit across the road right in front of me. Fortunately it was at a traffic light that had just turned green, so I was able to stop in time. I think that woke me up more than my coffee.

Anyway… I’m at the IMS Outdoors motorcycle show, covering it for my new website, Piston Slap, as well as anyone else I can sell my stories to. My past work with them for other websites has gotten me press credentials, so I’m hoping to provide some great coverage of the event, as well as demo ride some bikes I’m really interested in (the brand new Kawasaki KLR650, for one). If you want to read those details, head over to Piston Slap.

The kind folks of IMS Outdoors have allowed me to camp onsite for the weekend. It’s a nice, flat, grassy area, which Lister should love romping around. The only downside is that it’s right up against the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so not the quietest place I’ve ever stayed. Still, the price is right: free. I suppose you could consider this a work-camping situation. I get a place to stay for the weekend, and in return I provide a whole bunch of coverage for IMS Outdoors.

The place is about to open, so I’d better get to work. See you on the flip side.

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