Video: Top 10 Things You Need For Van Life

A couple of months ago a friend, looking to get into van life, asked me what are the top ten things you need to get started. I had to go away and think about it for a while before I could give her a well-thought-out answer, but eventually, I did. It’s a great question. I’d started writing a post about it, but then it morphed into this video because it’s better to show you than to tell you.

I’m trying to restart my dormant YouTube channel. Now that I’ve actually been living the van life for a while, I feel like I can actually answer some questions about it with some kind of experience and authority. (And honestly, if HOWA thinks I’m good enough to teach at the RTR, that’s good enough for me.) So I plan to mix up my videos between informational ones like this, and my adventures like I’ve done in the past. The info ones are actually easier to put together since I’m presenting what I already know. That gives me more time to work on the epic video adventures, which I also hope to start posting more regularly.

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