Warm Hands, Warm Heart?

I’m a late adopter of heated motorcycle gear. A friend gave me a heated vest last winter, which I mostly used to keep me warm while building the van during a cold New Hampshire winter. Although my Kawasaki KLR650 has handguards, they’re armor — very good armor that I’ve tested thoroughly — rather than wind protection, so my hands still get cold when the temperature isn’t warm.

Kemimoto reached out to me and offered to fix that by sending me a pair of their rechargeable waterproof heated gloves to review. While I’m avoiding winter in Arizona, it still gets cold at night in the desert. There have been many mornings I’ve thought about meeting up with the local ham radio operators in town but decided not to because the ride there would be too cold. That won’t be a problem anymore, nor for any ride in cooler weather.

While we’re already past the coldest temperatures we’re going to see here, I’ll still have ample opportunity to put these gloves through their paces. I just received them today, installed the batteries, and they were ready to go. Keep your scanners peeled for a full review of these heated gloves once I have a chance to try them out for a while.

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