Video: Van Life and Motorcycles

Lots of people ride motorcycles. A fair amount of people live in a van. But not many people do both. I do. Here’s how I do it, and why.

My mix of vans and bikes in this life is somewhat unusual. I’m definitely not the only one. Tenere Across the USA has been doing this for years. But it’s still a rather unique combination. Ebikes are becoming popular among the RV crowd, and scooters have always been an option for some. But I haven’t met too many people who bring an actual motorcycle with them, particularly one as big as mine. Even I’ve considered selling my KLR and picking up something smaller, like the Honda Grom that I absolutely adore, since it would be lighter and easier to carry. But then I’d be giving up the KLR’s speed (it’s not fast, but it’s faster than a Grom) and off-road capability, which I show off a little bit for the camera.

If you want to know more about exactly how I carry my bike on the back of the van, you can read all about my Black Widow trailer hitch motorcycle carrier here.

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