Got Time On My Hands

It’s never a good sign to wake up to one of the company founders wanting to have a chat with me. My paranoia was correct. I just got laid off.

I’ll be just fine for a while. I’m getting a severance package. I qualify for unemployment because he was crystal clear it was nothing I’d done wrong. I have a good chunk in savings, even after buying the V-Strom. Instead of putting the KLR money toward the loan like I’d planned to, I can hang onto it, and make smaller loan payments until regular income is there again.

Most importantly, I don’t pay rent. My biggest expense is gas, and I can control how much or little I travel. This may mean the Big Loop doesn’t happen, again. I’m not making that decision now. Basically, since I live so cheaply, I don’t need a lot of money to live. That’s one of the big advantages of living on the road, and one that I’m about to put to the test.

Today is my day to reel in shock about this. The weekend will be the weekend. By Monday, I hope to begin coming up with a new plan. I’m not desperate, or destitute, by any means. But it is a big monkey wrench in the works.

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