Party Crashing

I’m not much of a sports person unless it involves wheels. (Stadium Super Trucks is my favorite to watch because it’s totally ridiculous.) But I appreciate that there was a major sportsball event yesterday that many people wanted to watch. When Marilyn asked to hook up to my Starlink to watch it, I said yes, even though I intended to avoid it myself.

Then Jenn sent me a message telling me to come and get food. Then Marilyn asked me for technical support to connect a TV and Roku stick to my Starlink’s WiFi network. Even though her devices in the camper connect just fine, the setup they put outside for the entire neighborhood to watch the game wasn’t getting a strong enough signal. The solution was simple: Bring my Starlink, in the form of my entire van, to them.

Only a few people were really into the game, though most watched casually. Most of us just hung out, ate, and talked. I plunked my chair way in the back, both so I could socialize without disturbing people who were interested in the game, and so Lister could get to me on his tether. Many asked me about Starlink since everyone knew I was the one providing a good internet connection. After the sun went down I got cold, and the crowd was thinning. So I went inside and did my own thing, but only drove back to my camp after everyone was gone for the night.

It was such a simple thing for me to do, but so many people got enjoyment out of it, whether it was the game itself or the party and people enjoying each other’s company.

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