Patreon Relaunch

A year ago, I took down my Patreon. I’d just suffered a nasty breakup, and I wasn’t writing, making videos, or doing much of anything on a regular basis for a while afterward.

All that’s changed now. I’m living my own life, having adventures, writing, taking photos, and making videos all about it. The quality is where I want it to be, and the quantity is back up there, too. I feel like if someone decides to support me on Patreon, they will get some value for their money, even before any perks exclusive to members. So I just relaunched it.

Everything you already see — this website, my YouTube channel, and everything else — will remain free, just like it is now. Members will get, as George Carlin said, “more stuff.” That includes behind-the-scenes stuff, and more real-time stuff with pictures and info about what I’m up to before the rest of the world gets to see it. You’ll also get exclusive access to the Smokey Da Van Discord server, where you can chat with me and other supporters about van life, motorcycles, and whatever else.

Finally, you’ll also be supporting future projects. I have a couple of book ideas in mind, and you’ll get to learn about them and even review them before publication. If you’re supporting me financially, you’ll be holding me accountable for actually delivering the goods, which will help motivate me to finally bring these projects out of the “vaporware” stage.

I promise not to spam you about Patreon. I don’t plan to make posts about it except for this one. I may mention it in passing from time to time, but I have no intention of “selling out.”

If you don’t want to give me money, that’s perfectly okay. I’m already financially stable, so this is by no means a way to help me out of a bad situation — something I couldn’t honestly say a year ago. In fact, if you’re not financially stable, I don’t want your money. Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. That also applies if you join, then have to withdraw support later if you fall on rough times. It’s completely okay.

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