Video: Starlink Antenna Mast and Dishy Placement Tips

Some people prefer watching videos to reading a wall of text. For them, I made a video about how I built my mast for Starlink.

I also included some tips about how and where to set up Dishy McFlatface (seriously, that’s Starlink’s official name for it) in a location with the maximum chance of success and connectivity. There’s a lot of false info out there, much of it saying that you need a completely clear sky. That’s not true. You only need a clear sky in the proper direction, in my case to the north. I’m literally parked right next to a tall tree, to my south, and Starlink is working perfectly. I should write about antenna placement tips once I get a bit more experience in different places and really put it to the test.

I find it amusing that Bob Wells just posted a video about setting up Starlink. I actually beat him to the punch on this one, posting my video a week before he did! He mostly agrees with what I said, except I went into a little more detail about power consumption. He also seems to be on the residential plan, where he has to change his service address, while I’m on the RV plan. Each has its ups and downs. Maybe I should make a video about that as well.

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