Secret Shower Room

In the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That Before?” department… I’ve seen this idea many times before, but it never occurred to me to actually do it myself. It turns out, I have a secret shower room in the back of my van.

Well, technically it’s not IN the van. But if I open the back doors and clamp my small tarp between them, I have a small, private area where I can stand behind my van and take a shower.

Behind the tarp, I use magnets to stick a cheap shower curtain to the doorway. I thought it was white when I bought it, and it’s actually clear, so unless I want to place a tip jar next to my van and give my neighbors a show I don’t want to use it on the outside. But on the inside, who cares? Technically, I don’t even really need it, but I’d like to keep the inside dry, and it was only a couple of bucks to buy it.

I already owned everything else you see here. I’ve already described my Geyser shower, so I won’t repeat that here. Rather than run it off my Jackery, I plug it straight into the van, because it’s there. Each door, which has a window cover on it anyway, turns into a side wall. The water won’t hurt the fiberglass interior door panels at all. Between them, and the tarp clamped between the doors, I’m literally covered.

This is SO much easier to set up than my shower tent. The past few days, I’ve been too hot to go through the work of hammering the stakes to hold it up into the ground. Now I don’t have to stake anything down, just open the back doors, set up the tarp and the curtain, and take a shower. That’s much more convenient.


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